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Melbourne’s Tiling Specialists

We specialise in all types of wall and floor tiling. From screeding to waterproofing, to repairing leaking balconies and showers.

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Domestic & Commercial

Pyramid Tiling caters for commercial and domestic clients – assuring that you’re satisfied with the work we provide. The services we provide include: – All waterproofing services – All tiling services – Screeding – Repairs (leaking balconies and showers) Therefore, let us make sure your property has only the best quality supplies in the industry by contacting Pyramid Tiling. We look forward to transforming your home, business or premises into a happier environment.

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Pyramid Tiling provide Melbourne homes and businesses with a complete range of tiling services aimed to give you the best quality work for your property.

  • Floor Tiling
  • Wall Tiling & Pillars
  • Outdoor Tiling
  • Pools
  • We use all types of tiles
  • Domestic & Commercial
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Our screeding service is delivered with quality assuring that you’re satisfied with the work we provide. We level off the floor in the shower base, balconies and other areas to ensure the water will correctly drain. We can also re-sheet the walls before the application of waterproofing which need to dry and cure upon completion.

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At Pyramid Tiling, we also provide all types of Repairs caused to the tiles, leaking balconies and showers. Whether your tiles are broken, cracked, chipped, loose, faded over time or falling out, we can help restore or replace them if you have spare tiles available if needed. Depending on the condition of the tiles, some can be glued back together but others might need to be replaced completely and grouted. Contact us and we are always available to assist you.

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At Pyramid Tiling, Our Waterproofing process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant comes with a 100% customer satisfaction. We make sure that the area remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

  • Waterproofing Repairs
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Pools and Spas
  • Rooftops
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Kitchen
  • Balconies
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Interior & Exterior Tiling

At Pyramid Tiling, we lay all types of tiles from internal and external wall & floor applications including;

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Granite Tiles
  • Sandstone Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Limestone Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Stack stone Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
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